Our Philosophy

Bharatanatyam is a way of life, joy and celebration.
We believe in dancing 'from within"

Origins of Dance

Come witness the first traces of dance on earth, being taught by Saint Bharata,
in a visually stunning dance drama presented by FWA students

From Within Nucleus Dance Company

Our professional dance company wing which highlights
our skilled artists through original productions


From Within Academy is a Classical Indian dance institution, sharing Bharatanatyam instruction and professional performances worldwide with audiences of all ages and cultures. From Within Nucleus is it's professional dance company wing. Bharatanatyam is the manifestation of an ancient idea of the celebration of an eternal universe, through the celebration of the beauty of the material body. The dance form brings together expression, beautiful musical composition, rhythm, Indian mythology and musical theatre on a single stage.

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    From Within Nucleus proudly presents Origins of Dance An original…

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We Dance 'from within'

About Us

About Us
The team of From Within Nucleus is a group of well-trained Bharatantayam dancers


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