From Within Nucleus

“Quality Art created with a lot of depth, research and sensibility is our core strength”

M. Subhashini Vijay Santhanam, Founder and artistic director of FWA school and FWN dance company

We love to dance a lot and our sole aim is to have a lot of fun while doing it! To innovate in art offerings and show people how to have some fun through dance is what we strongly believe in. We want to share our beauty, grace and energy with the world and bring happiness to people’s lives.

Our core strength is quality art created with a lot of depth, research and sensibility. In the process we would like to expand our audience base and enhance their regard and love for classical dance. The crème de la crème dancers of From Within Nucleus regularly give paid performances in several events across the community.

We dance at forums where there is an audience, like:

  • Wedding solemnization ceremonies
  • Private events (baby showers, birthdays and housewarmings)
  • The ‘Relax’ theatre acts
  • Special commissions on specific topics
  • Puja celebrations at homes or at temples
  • Arts fairs
  • Forums to bring an audience to the event
  • Sangams whose aim is to preserve culture and heritage
  • At Fundraisers
  • Temple festivals