FWN’s vision is to create an ecosystem that nurtures the training of Bharatanatyam. We aspire to provide high quality education to students of this classical dance form, including relevant exposure to the works of master artistes, to achieve high professional standards.

Additionally, strive hard to present several renowned guest artistes under the company’s banner. An instance of this was a performance by senior Kalakshetra lecturer, Shri K. Mohanan, at the VCC temple on 14th May, 2011.

We also proudly presented a performance and workshop by Smt. Jyolsana Menon, senior Kalakshetra faculty member, and incidentally one of the gurus of our own guru Subhashini, on 26th May 2011 at the VCC temple. Students learnt a keerthanam in poorvikalyani ragam and khandachapu talam from Mrs. Jyolsana.

In June 2013, the renowned dancer and guru, Smt. Sudha Chandrasekhar, gave our senior students a special lecture on bhava and the subtle nuances of abhinaya.

In October 2013, our advanced students got the opportunity to learn from the extremely talented artist Smt. Maalika Girish Panicker ( In the workshop, she taught our students khandam alarippu and a viruttam.

In July 2014, we presented a workshop by Shri. Haleem Khan, a Kuchipudi dancer who has been performing in this style for 15 years,  travelling to many places with his dance and experimenting a great deal. For the workshop, he took a thillana style music, used Kuchipudi moves, and created a different experience for the participants. He also educated them on how to use the stage and lighting while performing, which is extremely essential in stage performance.

We hope to preserve traditional choreography and pass along this rich tradition with strict adherence to the standards of aesthetics that we have learnt from our respected gurus. We hope to present before audiences, works in the genres of traditional Bharatanatyam, folk dance and neo-classical pieces that use the technique of Bharatanatyam to interpret contemporary ideas.